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Springboard’s Atlantic IP Advantage Program provides supports for start-ups to increase their IP knowledge and engage with professionals to develop and implement an executable intellectual property strategy.

Springboard Atlantic is a delivery partner for the federal Elevate IP program. business accelerators and incubators and their start-up clients can benefit by accessing IP awareness events and training. Start-ups can access support to fund IP strategy development and implementation by third-party service providers. Reach out to us today to increase IP education, awareness and capacity in Atlantic Canada.

Engage with us as a Business Accelerator or Incubator

Partner with us to host IP Awareness Events

Are you a business accelerator or incubator who wants to help start-ups? We are looking for business accelerators and incubators in Atlantic Canada to participate and/or host IP awareness events. We offer accelerators and incubators IP training for start-up coaches and staff, and help their start-up clients receive training and support for IP strategy.


Engage with us as an IP Services Provider

Interested in providing professional IP services to start-ups in Atlantic Canada? Contact us.

Provide training

Are you an IP service provider interested in providing IP education, awareness and training events? If so, get in touch with our team to participate in events to increase IP capacity in Atlantic Canada. We are looking for IP experts to host and lead information sessions or participate in other IP awareness and education events or initiatives. Please contact our team to get started.

Provide IP strategy services

If you are an IP professional ready to provide IP strategy development and implementation services for Atlantic Canadian start-ups, there is funding available to start-ups to access your services.  Start-ups can access funding of up to $50,000 to develop an IP strategy and an additional $25,000 to implement an IP strategy. To get started, you need to:


Complete the registration form to be listed on our website. Provide details on your areas of expertise and direct contact information.

Engage with start-ups

Work with start-ups to present your professional services. Assist applicants by providing detailed quotes and other relevant information.

Review Program Guidelines

Review and familiarize yourself with the service agreement and program guidelines including eligible activities and expenses, reporting and proof of payment requirements.

Service Provision

IP professionals must deliver services outlined in their approved applications. They must also provide reporting, proof of the start-up’s payment, invoicing and other activity information. Any changes to a project must be approved in advance by Springboard Atlantic.