Learn More About Springboard Atlantic’s IP Advantage Program

Springboard’s Atlantic IP Advantage Program aims to increase IP awareness and education in Atlantic Canada. The program will also increase IP knowledge through events and awareness initiatives. It also puts start-ups in touch with IP professionals to develop and execute IP strategies.

Funding and Support

Springboard Atlantic is the Atlantic Canadian delivery partner for the federal ElevateIP program. Business accelerators and incubators and their start-up clients can learn about IP strategies by attending IP awareness events and training. Start-ups can also access funding to develop and implement their IP strategy with the help of professional IP service providers. Engage with us today to increase IP education, awareness and capacity in Atlantic Canada.

Secure funding of up to $50,000 to develop your cutting-edge IP strategy and an additional $25,000 to execute your IP strategy. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to fuel your start-up’s success. Learn more HERE.

Connect with IP Experts

Engage with our team to connect with professionals specializing in IP consulting, advising, and strategy development and implementation. If you are a start-up looking for IP expertise, reach out to our team or click here to browse our list of providers.

Learn About IP

Join our IP awareness events to learn how to use your intellectual property to gain a competitive advantage. Visit springboardatlantic.ca/events/ for details. Attending an IP awareness event is a mandatory requirement to access funding and support. Start-up entrepreneurs can attend these events to learn more about IP. If you are part of a business accelerator or incubator and interested in holding an IP awareness event, please contact us. IP service providers, consultants, firms and experts are also encouraged to reach out to us to host or participate in an event.