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Staying Connected Via Nature

Being able to get connected when exploring the great and wide outdoors is important for a number of reasons and Seaformatics Systems Inc is delivering the technology to do just that.

WaterLily, a hand-held microturbine was designed to harness wind and water power is the easiest to use tool out in the market. Recharge your phone, camera, GPS or portable battery bank by the power of nature.

The St. John’s based start-up was spun out of Memorial University (MUN) and the technology that has lead to the launch of WaterLily was developed at MUN over the last decade with funding support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Atlantic Innovation Fund and Springboard Atlantic’s Innovation Mobilization Program. Springboard’s funds provided support during the proof of concept, the patenting and the marketing stage and we are thrilled to see how our funds have been instrumental in #springboarding Seaformatics forward and seeing this technology commercialized.

The company now holds one patent and another one is in progress and WaterLily is catching the attention of customers, curiosity seekers and mainstream media. Seaformatics is currently a client of the Genesis Centre, Memorial’s award-winning business incubator for technology startups.

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