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SMU’s Research Expo A Great Success

Listening to the 3-minute pitches, given by Saint Mary’s (SMU) researchers, it became clear very quickly to the large audience that a wealth of knowledge and expertise exist at the university.

The pitches were as exciting to listen to as they were informative. This impression was further enhanced, when we took a walk through the exhibition booths and talked to the researchers, students and technicians. Every discipline from natural sciences, business, social sciences and community sciences/engagement were on display, showcasing their research and great new connections between industry and the researchers were made.

Springboard is a long-standing supporter of SMU’s annual Research Expo through our Innovation Mobilization Program Industry Engagement Fund and we attend each year to make new connections ourselves and to see the work SMU’s Industry Liaison Officers (ILO) do first hand.

Besides working the room and ensuring that the introduction of the right people is being made, the ILO’s are on hand once the conversation between the researcher and the potential industry partner progress to the stage of developing a research project, helping facilitate the potential funding applications and the research agreements.

From our experience, we see a number of new projects being formed each year at the Research Expo and we are thrilled to see our member, SMU, help and support their industry partner to solve their problem and to help them grow.

Highlighted this year by The Chronicle Herald are two SMU researchers.

Dr. Clarissa Sit, a professor in the chemistry department, who is working on new ways to create solutions to fight infections and as her stage, she is using the petri dish and the natural instinct of all living things to fight for survival.

Dr. Meg Ternes, an assistant professor in the department of psychology, is supporting the area of forensic psychology to arm lawyers with tools to tell when someone is lying and not telling the truth.

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