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Research Is Supporting Aqualitas For Unique Business Advantage

Through the use of research from its subsidiary Finleaf Technologies, Aqualitas, a Liverpool cannabis producer, is setting itself apart from its other 73 competitors in Canada and the company is now close to raising $6.5-million with private investors next month.

If Health Canada approves its growing facility for medical cannabis, Aqualitas will be getting to market next year.

With support and initial research from Acadia University, Finleaf Technologies has developed proprietary aquaponics technology, that ensures that plants get enough nutrients and the fish are protected from toxic chemicals while preserving water and avoiding harmful runoffs. Aquaponics is especially important to areas in the world where fresh water is scarce. Finleafs’ research lab is housed and fully staffed at Acadia University and the company has been accepted into Innovacorp’s Cleantech Accelerator Program and was a $25,000 winner of the Spark West competition.

While Cannabis is a hot sector, the company is looking forward to diversifying the company’s crop and using its technology to address food security and they want to develop more facilities in the provinces so that more food can be grown indoors with minimal environmental impact.

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