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“Merchants Of Flavour” G.E. Barbour Partner With Ccnb For Atlantic Growth

G.E. Barbour has seen phenomenal growth in the last six years. As with most companies, the challenges to growth that they faced were complex and across multiple facets of the business. With strong leadership and strategic thinking, they were able to target the roadblocks to growth inside and outside of their business. Our member – the College Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) was able to play a role in solving one of their identified challenges.

G.E. Barbour’s processes are unique. They have equipment that is specifically designed for their needs. The team at CCNB were engaged to look at their production processes and evaluate good practices in their product line and areas for increased efficiencies. CCNB’s work led to an increase of 25% in production efficiency. This project was just the start of an ongoing relationship and CCNB continues to help this company with their processing, enabling their growth to continue.

Read on to learn more about the other challenges faced by G.E. Barbour and how they are tackling them. Click here. 

We are proud to work with companies and partners like these. It’s a prime example of how well our ecosystem can work together and the impact we can have in unexpected places to further Atlantic Growth.

Image credit: ACOA Canada