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Canada, Israel And China To Partner On Agricultural Incubation Centre

Technology Collaboration to Address Key Agricultural Needs of China and the World

International Science and Technology Partnerships Canada (ISTPCanada) and the Canada-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (CIIRDF), together with Chinese and Israeli partners, announced a key milestone towards the creation of a new global platform for the trilateral development and commercialization of agricultural technologies.

September 3, 2013 marked the inaugural meeting of the Yangling Trilateral Commission on Agro-Innovation hosted in Ottawa. During this event, representatives from Canada, Israel and China committed unanimous support for the establishment of a multilateral technology incubator for agricultural innovation. The Canada-Israel-China Yangling Incubation Centre will enable collaborative research and technology development among commercial entities from the three countries, connect them to market opportunities, and accelerate the commercialization of emerging agro-technologies.

The Commission will finalize the business plan, which served as the main issue of meeting discussion and accord, and formally launch the Yangling Canada-Israel- China Incubation Centre at the 20th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair (CAF) from November 5-9, 2013 in China.

The incubator will be established in the Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone, the agricultural epicenter of China, providing innovators with direct and facilitated access to this growing Asian market. It is timely as China is committed to enabling the development and the adoption of new technologies that enhance the productivity and sustainability of this sector.

In 2012, Canadian agricultural exports to China exceeded $5 billion1. The incubator will help more Canadian firms to capitalize on this market opportunity by helping them to identify China’s key agricultural needs; facilitating access to collaborative technology development partners, services and resources; and fostering market linkages that promote the adoption of emerging solutions. The Centre is expected to be operational by 2014.

“The outcomes of this meeting reinforce the commitment of all three countries to trilateral collaboration, and provide a concrete roadmap for the development of the incubation centre,” said Dr. Henri Rothschild, President and CEO of ISTPCanada and CIIRDF, and first Chair of the Trilateral Commission. “This includes how to combine our technological capabilities, S&T expertise and resources, and apply them to create new agricultural solutions. The resulting innovations will open-up new Asian markets for collaborators, while enabling the development of the sustainable use of marginal lands, improved food quality and safety.”

“Israel is internationally recognized for agricultural innovation aimed at growing food on marginal lands,” said Mr. Michael Khoury, Consul – Economic Affairs, Consulate General of Israel. “This is a technological success story for Israel, and one that has established a strong foundation for international cooperation. The Yangling Incubation Centre will enable us to build on our collaboration with Canada and China to date, and bring our multidisciplinary strengths to bear on this critical sector. Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist supports this new platform for multilateral technology development and commercialization.”