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Bees To Be Used To Protect Wild Blueberry Crops

The Wild Blueberry Research Program at Dalhousie University conducted trials near Parrsborough, Nova Scotia to test Bee Vectoring’s new and proprietary honey bee dispenser system. The trials were conducted by Dr. David Percival’s team and the results showed a yield of wild blueberries that is 77% higher compared to the nontreated control, the number of marketable berries per stem is 50% higher than with chemical standard, and a reduction of Monilinia blight (mummy berry) by 21% occured.

Blueberries are a high-value crop in Canada and the United States with a total farm gate value of US $1.1 billion. Blueberry production in North America represents 54% of the worldwide crops with key growing regions including the Atlantic provinces and British Columbia in Canada, Washington, Oregon, Georgia, Michigan, California, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida in the US.

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Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash