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Atlantic Green Chemistry Innovation Program Launched

Atlantic Canadian researchers developing green technologies will soon be able to get their ideas to market more easily thanks to the Atlantic Green Chemistry Innovation program. Launched today at Saint Mary’s University, the program is a partnership between Springboard, Saint Mary’s and the GreenCentre.

“This is a great example of how Springboard Atlantic and its member institutions can partner with a national centre to bridge the gap between academic labs and the marketplace,” says Chris Mathis, President and CEO, Springboard Atlantic. “This will accelerate commercialization of post-secondary research in this sector. Thanks to the support from ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund, Springboard is helping increase economic outcomes from our member institutions’ research.”

The partnership between GreenCentre Canada, Saint Mary’s University and Springboard will:
• Deliver the Atlantic Green Chemistry Innovation Program (AGCIP)  across Atlantic Canada,
• Combine resources which increases the commercialization opportunities in Atlantic Canada, and
• Share in the revenues generated as a result.

This partnership program will have a dedicated Director based at Springboard Atlantic, and a part-time administrator, based at Saint Mary’s.  The intent is for the AGCIP to drive an increased rate of technology disclosures through the already established national GCC commercialization process. The AGCIP pilot shall be assessed after 1 year and re-funded based on that assessment.

This program will act as an extension of the GreenCentre commercialization program and as such, all GCC files developed by Springboard Members will flow through AGCIP to GCC.

For information about Springboard’s involvement and opportunities, please contact Chris Mathis.

For more information about the GCC Program click here.