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3D Bolus, Now Adaptiiv Takes Next Step, Joining Forces With Civco

Ever since Dr. James Robar, Dalhousie University received Springboard’s Innovation Mobilization Funding for Proof of Concept and Patent & Legal in 2014, we have been following his impressive technology and it’s development into the Dalhousie Spin-out company 3D Bolus and its development and growth.

Thanks to the dedicated and invaluable support from Dalhousie’s Industry Liaison & Innovation (ILI) Office, a Springboard member and the tireless work of Doris Grant, Director, one of the offices Industry Liaison Officers (ILO’s), we are thrilled to see 3D Bolus, now Adaptiiv continue to be #springboarding forward and to grow.

After launching three different products, achieving sales in six different countries and raising almost $3 million in equity funding, Adaptiiv has now announced its partnership with CIVCO Radiotherapy.

CIVCO will be the distributor of Adaptiiv software applications, providing a turn-key solution, enabling the 3D printing of patient-specific simple or modulated thickness bolus and high dose rate (HDR) surface brachytherapy applicators. The software application integrates directly with existing treatment planning systems, requires less time and replaces the need for hard-to-fit simple bolus and expensive applicators, providing a more comfortable fit for the patient.

We are thrilled to see Adaptiiv’s success and are looking forward to what is to come, as stated by Peter Hickey, CEO Adaptiiv.

“We have a pipeline with some really great innovation,” said Hickey. “That’s what we are. We’re a Nova Scotian-based innovation company that’s producing solutions to problems that people haven’t solved yet.”

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