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Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) offers over 130 programs through a network of 13 campuses. The College grows the economy of Nova Scotia by producing highly skilled workers, supporting and meeting industry needs, and connecting with communities. NSCC’s applied research focus is an extension of its mission to support the economic and social development of the province. Capacity and scope of applied research projects have grown since 2000 and is now a multi-million-dollar research operation equipped to respond to the needs of industry. Applied Research partners with industry to develop practical and innovative solutions for their real-world challenges.

The College has recently launched the province’s first Technology Access Centre for ocean-related productivity and innovation. The Sensing, Engineering and Analytics-Technology Access Centre or SEA-TAC draws on NSCC’s applied research resources, expertise and industry connectivity, to offer for-fee, applied research and problem-solving services to clients developing ocean-related products and services.

Research Capabilities

Geomatics & Environmental Sciences

  • Facilities
    • Environmental Instrumentation Network (weather stations)
    • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Airborne and ground-based systems
    • Centre of Geographic Sciences
  • Capabilities
    • Business Geomatics
    • Location Analytics
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • GPS Surveying and Data Collection
    • Horticulture, Green Roof & Biowalls
    • Land use planning
    • Mapping
    • Marine Geomatics
    • Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

Technology & Engineering

  • Facilities
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Lab
    • Motors & Controls Shop
    • Soldering & Fabrication Shop
    • Advanced Electronics Lab
    • Residential & Industrial Electrical Shop
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Labs
    • Advanced Manufacturing Shop (CNC turning and milling centres and CMM capability)
    • Mechanical Engineering Lab
    • Conventional Machine Shop
    • Plasma Technology
  • Capabilities
    • Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical)
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    • Manufacturing & Machining (Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Conventional)
    • Data Communications Systems
    • Machine Design (including prototyping)
    • Process Engineering
    • Quality Assurance & Management
    • Surface Functionalization

Marine/Ocean Technologies

  • Facilities
    • Nautical Institute (Transport Canada approved)
    • School of Fisheries
    • Full-Mission bridge simulation facilities
    • Fully enclosed wave-training pool
    • Dockside survival craft facility
    • Propulsion Plant Simulation
    • Maritime Communication Simulation
    • Acoustic Systems Trainer for SONAR
  • Capabilities
    • Safety, Firefighting & Survival Training
    • Crisis Management & Security
    • Navigation
    • Naval Architecture Chart work and Pilotage


  • Facilities
    • Applied Energy Research Lab
    • Solar Photovoltaic Test Systems (13 kW Fixed and 6.5 kW Tracking)
    • Solar Thermal Test Systems (Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube)
    • Thermal Energy Storage Test Systems (Water and Phase-Change Materials)
    • Geothermal Well-Field
    • Small Wind Turbines (1.5 kW Vertical Axis, 2.4 kW and 5 kW Horizontal-axis)
    • Building Monitoring Sensors and Systems
    • Commercial – Sustainable Demonstration Building (LEED Gold)
    • Residential – Sustainable Demonstration Home (R2000/Energuide-91)
  • Capabilities
    • Energy Monitoring Technology Development
    • Energy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    • Energy Data Telemetry
    • Energy Data Analytics
    • Energy Modeling and Simulation (includes Building Simulation)
    • Liquid Biofuels Testing
    • Life-Cycle and greenhouse gas (GHG) Analysis
    • Energy Project Feasibility Analysis (RETScreen)
    • Energy Auditing, including Solar Site Assessment

Information and Computer Technology

  • Facilities
    • Wide Area Network Simulation
    • Enterprise Network Simulation
    • High reliability and virtualized computer systems
    • Multiple Operating Systems
  • Capabilities
    • Computer programming
    • Computer System Virtualization
    • Data Acquisition Systems
    • Data Communications Systems
    • Data, Network and Systems encryption and security
    • Database Management & Design
    • Internet enabled data presentation and retrieval
    • Software Engineering
    • Systems Management & Design

Health and Human Services

  • Facilities
    • Dental Clinic
    • Early Childhood Support Centres
    • Medical Technology Laboratory
    • Pharmacy Technology Lab
    • Practical Nursing & Continuing Care Laboratories
  • Capabilities
    • Early Childhood Years
    • Aging Populations and Assistive Technologies
    • Learning Methodologies Reflecting Cultural Diversity
    • Life Course Transitions for Persons with Disabilities
    • Addiction Counselling
    • Mental Health Strategies

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