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A Canadian Patent Agent Firm – Mario D. Theriault & Company

A Canadian Patent Agent Firm – Mario D. Theriault & Company

Mario D. Theriault, Patent Agent

812 Hwy. 101 Nasonworth,
Fredericton, NB, E3C 2B5     Canada

Tel: (506)-450-3788
Tel: 1-800-737-8788 (In Atlantic Canada)

Email: mario@nbnet.nb.ca   or:  mario@patentway.com

Claire Moxon
Email:  Claire@Scribeselect.com

Mario Theriault is based in New Brunswick, and is knowledgeable on industrial engineering related inventions. Last October, he announced that he is now associated with a US Patent agent who recently moved to Nova Scotia.  Below is the e-mail with the following announcement:

“ANNOUNCEMENT TO BUSINESS LEADERS IN ATLANTIC CANADA AND QUEBEC.  Claire Moxon of Nova Scotia and Mario D. Theriault & Co. of New Brunswick have formed an association to offer Patent Agent Services in 3 provinces and in all disciplines of their profession. Claire has expertises in Biotech; Life Science; Chemistry; Agriculture and Food Science; and Mario has expertises in Mechanical; Electrical and Software inventions. The new association has presences in Nova Scotia; New Brunswick and Québec.

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