Regional Mining Symposium Explores Innovation Ideas

Supported by Springboard Atlantic’s Innovation Mobilization Industry Engagement Fund, representatives from the College of the North Atlantic (CNA), Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), Anaconda Mining, Rambler Metals and Mining, and Guy J. Bailey gathered at the two-day Baie Verte Mining Innovation Symposium. The industry partners had the chance to meet, together and separately, with MUN researchers from both the St. John’s and Grenfell campuses and CNA’s academia, and also had the chance to meet with the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and Research Data Canada (RDC). Allan Cramm, vice president of innovation and development with Anaconda, is a promoter of the Baie Verte Peninsula as a whole. He believes the common goal of the mining sector to improve the industry in the region is beneficial for all and he hoped that the symposium led to an increased interest in mining innovation within the research community. The “bring science to the site” mentality led to the makeshift mining site set up at the symposium location at the College of the North Atlantic in Baie Verte. Speakers delivered their messages next to a grader or excavator, and nearby there was some scaffolding set up. Ken Carter, director of engagement at Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, appreciated the opportunity to tour the mining sites to get a greater appreciation for the work and the opportunities for research and he felt the symposium was highly effective in its attempt to create interest in the sector with the around 60 attendees. “You had all the right players in the room – you had industry, you had government, you the university as well as the College of the North Atlantic,” Carter said. “Bringing all those partners together, and having funding agencies and community partners there, had an incredible synergy amongst all of us. To read the full article in the Labradorian, click here. Photo by Mariusz Prusaczyk on Unsplash