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Waste Treatment Company On P.E.I. Gets Federal Funding To Expand

They say a flush always beats a full house, and Patrick Kiely is betting on it.

So far, the chief executive officer and his team of developers with Island Water Technologies aren’t wasting any time.

“We haven’t installed any on P.E.I. yet, but they are being sold and distributed around Canada, and I think people are going to find this system quite useful,” says the Cork-born inventor. “It’s going to reduce a lot of stress and concern when your septic system conks out.”

Island Water Technology has been johnny-on-the-spot with the development of new systems that take care of waste water at your home or in remote communities where that system can function on solar power.

Headquartered on Brook Street in Montague with Aspin-Kemp Associates, Island Water Technologies has spent the past two years developing Clear Pod, and, with support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, it is looking to expand its product line with REGEN, a modular solar-powered wastewater treatment centre for rural population clusters.

The official announcement was made Thursday at the company headquarters, and brisk sales and distribution predictions coincided with possible manufacturing opportunities in eastern P.E.I.

“We have another announcement pending, but we can’t do it right now, but hopefully soon,’’ Kiely told a crowded room of supporters.

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay was on hand for the $500,000 payback loan announcement and clearly relished the opportunity to flush away the memory of when the building — once the federal Addiction Research Centre that he officially opened 15 years ago — was closed by the Harper government.

“It’s great to be back in this building and to announce funding for some hard-working entrepreneurs doing great things here,’’ he said.

The home application Clear Pod system is a drop-in solution for homeowners and restores the operation of failing septic systems. Rather than replace the system for as much as $25,000, the Clear Pod costs $2,500.

“Your septic system is growing old and after 30 years it’s all clogged up and you may have to replace it…..well you get this,” says Kiely holding up the unit about the size of a 50-pound bag of potatoes. “It’s designed to clear out your problem and provide years of operation.”

The larger REGEN system is designed for remote towns, military, mining and disaster relief situations where wastewater treatment is a necessity.