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UPEI Researchers Get $480K In Grants

The federal government has announced $480,000 worth of grants for a variety of researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island.

The grants are part of $440 million announced by the federal government in June in support of academic researchers, and are provided through NSERC, Canada’s national funding body university-based scientific research.

Grant recipients include

Dr. Collins Kamunde of the Atlantic Veterinary College will receive $100,000 for his research on metal toxicity in fish. Kamunde’s research explores how fish use completely different mechanisms from land animals when absorbing potentially toxic metals into their bodies, metals which can then be ingested by people when they eat them.

Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Lecompte of the Atlantic Veterinary College will explore the science of reducing the use of antimicrobials in the raising of poultry by improving the natural immunity of chickens.

Chemistry professor Alaa Abd-El-Aziz will study synthetic approaches to making macromolecules that will be useful in the design of new materials, such as polymers capable of detecting carbon monoxide in the environment.

Kinesiology professor Jamie Burr will look at different types and amounts of exercise and their impact on the human vascular system.

Biomedical sciences professor Don Stevens will study the responses of fish in research environments.