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Tesla Battery Researcher And Dal Professor Doubles Lifetime Of Tesla Batteries, Apple Purchases Tesla Battery Cell Life-Cycle Machines

Close to one year after the establishment of the Tesla research agreement (achieved through the NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair), Jeff Dahn, professor at Dalhousie University and lead of his battery research group, has reported that he and his team have doubled the battery lifetime of Tesla products. While these batteries are not yet available for sale, the self-set goal was achieved 4 years ahead of its due time.

Dr. Dahn’s lab at Dalhousie has spun out Novonix and they offer expertise in material and cell testing, strongly focusing on the use of High Precision Coulometry for lifetime evaluation of lithium-ion cells. Dr. Dhan has recently confirmed that Apple is among Novonix clients, through one of Apple’s battery suppliers, which purchase from Novonix.

Apple has purchased battery cell life-cycle machines developed by Tesla’s research partner

Tesla battery researcher says they doubled lifetime of batteries in Tesla’s products 4 years ahead of time [Updated]