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Technology Demonstration Program (TDP) Funding

The Technology Demonstration Program (TDP) provides non-repayable contributions in support of large-scale technology demonstration projects in the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors. Demonstration projects, led by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a Tier 1 company, require the integration of many technologies and the coordination of activities and resources from multiple project members. Projects funded through this program are expected to be the basis for next-generation manufacturing and services in Canada. The program will support technological development in areas that have significant potential for broad-based and long-term economic benefits to Canada.

Large-scale demonstration projects require collaborative effort involving various firms, universities, colleges and/or research institutions. Applicants must bring together project members, including at least one small or medium-sized (SME) Canadian-based corporation (fewer than 500 employees) to promote the development of the supply chain and at least one accredited Canadian university, college or affiliated research institute to promote knowledge transfer. International members contributing their own financial resources may participate in the project. International members may also be permitted to access limited funding from the program when necessary for its success for activities that cannot otherwise be sourced from Canada.