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Tandemlauch Call For Proposals

November 2013 Call for Proposals   

Priority Area 1: Multi-modal approaches to HCI
Inspired in part by biological models, rapid advancements are taking place in combining multiple sensory inputs to provide for the superior performance of a single modality, such as the use of gaze to provide context for gesture recognition, or video for superior voice recognition.  Our November priority area is multi-modal approaches to human computer interaction, including applications such as:

•         Robust Speech Recognition
•         Robust Facial Recognition
•         Emotion Responsive User Interaction
•         New Form Factors (e.g. wearables)

Priority Area 2: Believable Characters
As device graphics processing capabilities expand, it is possible to handle more and more complex and subtle Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), bridging the gap between videogames and movies. More realistic NPCs, however, risk being negatively perceived when our brain identifies an unrealistic detail (e.g. uncanny valley). Priority Area 2 is focused on current challenges to create believable NPCs, and methods of NPC generation.

Examples include:
• Performance capture of real actors
• facial animation, retargeting without likeness
• Hair and cloth animation/simulation/interaction
• AI & Crowd simulation/pathfinding
• NPC animation/movement
• Offline or Realtime procedural generation
• Artistic & pipeline/flow oriented end results

The TandemLaunch program is designed to support early stage multi-media inventions for commercialization in the consumer electronics market.  Relevant technologies fall broadly in the areas of audio, video, display, and human-computer interaction.  Appropriate technologies are patent protectable, and at the proof-of-concept stage. Show us what’s next.

Deadline/Date Limite: 15 November, 2013
Learn More and Download our Proposal Guide at: www.tandemlaunch.com/#inventors
S’informer et télécharger le Guide de candidature à: www.tandemlaunch.com/fr/#inventors

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