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Seaformatics Is Set To Launch Waterlily, A Mirco-Turbine

Solving a very real problem for remote outdoor workers, backwoods camp owners and outdoor enthusiasts, Seaformatics latest product uses wind and water power to recharge any device with a USB connection. Named Waterlily, the microturbine is to be launched this year and has already 300 pre-orders.

Spun out from Memorial University, Seaformatics was formed in 2014. After working with Propel ICT’s Accelerator in 2016, Seaformatics received some money from the Genesis Centre (Seaformatics is a tenant of the Genesis Centre) to built a small-scale demonstration model of Sealily for trade shows.

Sealily is Seaformatics main product, built to harvest power from ocean currents to provide constant electricity for equipment. To learn the details of how Sealily became Waterlily and to read about the company’s production plan click here for the Entrevestor article.