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Saint Mary’s University Student-Led Team Places 2Nd At Venture Capital Investment Competition In Boston

The Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) is a tri-continental event in which student teams are given an imaginary $100 million to invest in one of three pitching startups at the event and was held in Boston.

On March 2nd Saint Mary’s University (SMU) will host its own VCIC event, becoming the first Canadian University to host the competition. For ethical reasons, the Venture Grade team from the Sobey’ School of Business at SMU is not allowed to compete in its own competition and was invited to go to Boston.

Beating out teams from Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Dartmouth, the SMU student team tied for first place with Rochester University and SMU took home the 2nd place after the tie-breaking round.

The competition featured twelve venture capital investors, who served as the panel of judges to assess which teams did the best job and three entrepreneurs pitched the teams to start the competition. The teams had one on one meetings with each entrepreneur and had to choose their investee and explain why they made that choice. In the finals between Rochester and SMU they tied with a 6 to 6 vote and the head of the organization was called to be the tiebreaker.

SMU’s Venture Grade’s team was made up of six students from SMU: Findlay Hilchie; Stephanie Fitzner; David Hatcher; Avinast Chandrapati; Anu Gupta; and Stu Clow as a stand in. The team prepared for the competition with support from Build Ventures, Innovacorp and a representative of Progress Partners of Boston.

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