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Recipients Named For 2015-2016 Productivity And Innovation Vouchers

Fifty-nine Nova Scotia companies are getting a boost to their innovation and productivity with expertise and services from the province’s universities and colleges.

Innovacorp received 164 applications from small and medium-sized businesses across the province for this year’s Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program.

This marks the first time Innovacorp has run the program since the provincial restructing following the budget in April.

The competing companies ran the gamut – from seafood processing to niche foods to medical technologies. It is wonderful to see the diversity of applications and especially exciting to see Universite Sainte-Anne having a very successful round with 5 succesful projects.

The Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program has two tiers. Tier 1 offers vouchers, or credit notes, of up to $15,000 for eligible applicants that have not previously been awarded a voucher, or are applying with a new project. Tier 2 offers vouchers of up to $25,000 to build on work done through a previously awarded Tier 1 voucher.

This year, 47 companies are receiving Tier 1 vouchers and 12 are receiving Tier 2 vouchers. The total value of the support is just over $1 million.

Eligible services include applied research, engineering services, prototyping, product design, market advice and field testing.

External Link: https://innovacorp.ca/news/recipients-named-2015-2016-productivity-and-innovation-vouchers