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Press Release: Venn Innovation Launches Corporate Innovation Program

Venn Innovation is launching a new corporate innovation program called V-Lab; part of an enhanced focus on corporate innovation services.

Based in VennCentre in Moncton, the V-Lab program is designed to provide corporate clients with a methodology to identify potential external disruptions, while triggering controlled internal disruptions, helping them gain a competitive edge in their organization and deliver new innovation to their customers.

V-Lab clients will be immersed in a collaborative, innovation-driven space that transcends the corporate ladder and co-locates client teams with tech companies of all sizes, from early stage startups in the Vennture Garage program to growth stage tech SMEs and other enterprise clients. They will also have regular interaction with academic partners and service providers.

Venn CEO Doug Robertson says “the intrapreneurship model has emerged as a key vehicle for enterprise to survive and grow in an environment where most of the innovation and disruptions are emanating from the startup community”.  “Innovation outposts like V-Lab become the eyes and ears of the corporation, actively engaging with the innovation ecosystem, being alert to threats that could lead to disruption of the corporation, and identifying and creating innovative products and services for new and existing markets”, he added.

According to Venn’s research on the concept, the secret sauce for success with innovation labs lies in the ability to access and integrate in a dynamic innovation ecosystem. More than just an accelerator program, the V-Lab is located within an innovation hub facility that provides a corporation with the ideal environment to plug into the entire tech entrepreneurship community.

V-Lab Program Director Dave Gallant says “VennCentre, with our unique workspace, tech community events, incubation and acceleration offerings, and collaborative community partners, is a true ICT innovation “Hub.  V-Lab can now help enterprise connect with and leverage this dynamic ecosystem”.

For more information:
Dave Gallant, V-Lab Director

Julie Ouellette, Communications and Events Coordinator, Venn Innovation Inc.

Visit our website: http://www.venncentre.ca/?locale=en