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Press Release: Nbcc Researchers Receive Major Grant To Research Girls’ Self-Esteem

Public shaming and issues around body image have long been part of the rite of passage for teenage girls but today’s technology only further amplifies the impacts. Research has shown this can have a negative impact on girls’ social behaviour during their formative years. With the help of a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), researchers at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) will be embarking on a project that seeks to reverse that trend.

Research team: project director Stephanie Ruckstuhl (NBCC), researchers Carla Dwyer (NBCC) and Dr. Chris Gilham (St. Francis Xavier University)
Title: The contribution of pro-social role-modeling and peer mentoring to the development of positive social skills in young females: a longitudinal study of early intervention strategies.
Goal: To uncover successful interventions that will increase self-esteem in girls that can be used by community agencies and organizations across New Brunswick.
Project duration: 3 years
Funding: $236,470
“The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council provides Colleges across Canada with the opportunity to address real challenges in the community,” said Marilyn Luscombe, CEO and President of NBCC. “With their support, our College will be engaging in truly meaningful research that can possibly transform the lives of young girls in our Province and beyond.”

As project director, Stephanie Ruckstuhl, who also teaches in the Practical Nursing program at NBCC St. Andrews Campus, is excited about the possibilities the research holds. “This is amazing – to know the voices of our young are being heard and that we have the opportunity to make change that will lead to empowered and stronger youth.” As part of the research, the team will work with community partners in the areas of education, mental health and community. The research project will be concentrated in Charlotte County.