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Preserving Lobster Year-Round

Knowing what freshly cooked lobster tastes like, the disappointment was big for Dr. Razul when he cooked up some frozen lobster for relatives he visited in Singapour a few years ago. Experiencing first hand how the time old tradition of preserving the frozen lobster is diminishing the taste of this typical Atlantic Canadian food he set out to find a better way and use his expertise as a chemist to search for a solution for the industry.

To quantify the effectiveness of his formulation Dr. Razul is undertaking a yearlong study and has also received Springboard Innovation Mobilization Funding. The goal is to provide a solution to the industry that has great commercial potential worldwide, and it is his hope that his results can also be applied to other seafood species besides lobster.

Students and colleagues alike are very excited about this opportunity and enjoying their collaborative work with his lab.

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