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Pond-Deshpande Centre Student Ambassadors

The  Pond-­Deshpande  Centre  (PDC)  is  pleased  to  announce  their  2014  Student  Ambassadors.

The  Student  Ambassador  Program  has  selected  26  students representing all  of  the  post‐secondary  institutions  in  the province.

The  official  kickoff  to  the  two‐year  program  is  October  28th  in  Fredericton,  New  Brunswick.

With diverse  educational  backgrounds  including:  Philosophy,  Computer  Science,  Engineering,  Communications, Psychology,  Political  Science,  Law,  Crafts  Design the Student  Ambassadors are  action‐oriented  innovators driven to change the  world. They  are  students  who  want  to  learn about and  champion  the  entrepreneurial  Culture  in  Atlantic Canada.

The  Student  Ambassador experience  includes  the  opportunity for:

– A first‐hand  look at  the  entrepreneurial  world  through  regional  and  global  opportunities.  This  includes  an exploration  of  the  Boston  Startup  Communities  and  potential  travel  to  India.
– Development  of  real-­world  entrepreneurial  skills
– Organization  of  entrepreneurial  campus projects  with    teams,  mentors  and  funding
– Hosting the YES Atlantic  (Youth  Entrepreneurship  Summit)
– Invitations  to  mixers,  community  events,  conferences, and a broad range of opt-in  opportunities  throughout  the year
– To meet  a  phenomenal  peer  network  from across  the  province.
– Participation  in  Pitch  competitions  and  to possibly  win $1000  to  market  test  their  own  innovative  idea.

“New Brunswick is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are helping build a movement of young change agents on a mission to turn possibilities for a better world into today’s reality. We strive to better equip the next generation of changemakers to take action using the entrepreneurial lens,” said Karina LeBlanc,  Executive  Director, Pond-Deshpande  Centre.

“Today’s  reality  is  that  the  region  needs  young  people  to  put  their  talent  and  full  potential  to  work  toward  transforming the  future  of  the  region.  The  millennials  are  purpose-­driven  and  many  are  passionate  about  starting  their  own  ventures or  working  for companies  that  are  making  a  positive  impact.  This  dynamic  cohort  of  Student Ambassadors,  selected  from  across  the  province,  are  poised  to  do  just  that,”  said  Jenelle  Sobey,  Social  Innovation  Manager  responsible  for  the  design and  delivery  of  the  Student  Ambassador  Program.

The  Pond‐Deshpande  Centre  at  the  University  of  New  Brunswick  acts  as  a  catalyst  to  grow  and  support  a  stronger  culture of  innovation  and  entrepreneurship  in  the  province  of  New  Brunswick.  It  was  founded  through  the  support  of  Gururaj “Desh”  Deshpande, President  and  Chairman  of  Sparta  Group  LLC,  Jaishree  Deshpande,  Treasurer  of  Sparta  Group  LLC, and  a  founder  of  the  Deshpande  Foundation,  and  Gerry  Pond,  Chairman  of  Mariner  Partners  and  CEO  of  East  Valley Ventures.  For  more  information,  visit www.ponddeshpande.ca