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Pilot Aimed To Keep Graduates In Nova Scotia Launched By Venor Search Group

Venor Search Group, OneNS and Equals6 have issued the following press release:

Venor Search Group (Venor) is pleased to announce the launch of an initiative to connect recent graduates, including international students, to meaningful work experiences in Nova Scotia.

The OneNS Desk pilot program aims to help reduce Nova Scotia’s youth unemployment rate through inviting private sector employers to demonstrate commitment to building Nova Scotia’s economy through our people—specifically youth.

“We have amazing talent in Nova Scotia and world-class companies. So we’re inviting employers to help keep our talent here by creating an opportunity that gives a recent graduate a place to hone his/her skills and develop experience outside the classroom.  We’re asking employers to make room and do what they can to retain our talent.” says Project Lead, Chantal Brine.

During the program pilot, Venor anticipates between 20 to 30 placements, which could range between short-term placements to full-time depending on the opportunity.  Upon completion of the pilot, the objective is to refine the program so that it can continue to be a platform used to place recents graduates with companies across the province. Full details about the pilot can be found on Venor’s website here.

Venor is partnering with Equals6 and bits.co to build a technology platform to support the program.  “Nova Scotia’s graduates need every advantage to get ahead. By working with Venor and Bits.co we are creating a partnership and platform designed to help young job seekers find meaningful employment with great Nova Scotian companies,” said Andy Osburn, CEO of Equals6.

The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy’s (Ivany) report released last year stressed the need for ‘significant private sector growth and expanded trade’ as well as reducing the youth unemployment rate. OneNS Coalition member, Saeed El-Darahali, helped develop the concept for the OneNS Desk pilot program.

“Venor is a forward thinking organization that is invested in seeing our province and youth succeed,” said Mr. El-Darahali, “I thank and applaud them for spearheading this new employment approach to help address several important OneNS goals.”

The pilot is currently open for applications.

For further inquires:

Please direct any inquiries to Chantal Brine at chantal@venor.ca.

Pilot Program

To apply for the pilot (employer or recent graduate), e-mail: 1ns@venor.ca.



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