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NSERC Engage Plus Grants Extend Funding

Engage Plus Grants will support a completed Engage Grant project for an additional six months of activity so that the partners can build on progress in the Engage Grant and/or continue the project while seeking longer term funding support (e.g., a Collaborative Research and Development Grant).

Key highlights about Engage Plus Grants include:

  • NSERC and the industrial partner will both contribute cash towards the direct costs of the project. NSERC will match the cash contribution of the industry partner up to a maximum of $12,500. Any portion of the industry partner’s cash contribution that the university requests as overhead will not be matched by NSERC.
  • The project must involve the same university researcher and the same industrial partner.
  • Intellectual property developed during an Engage Plus Grant belongs to the industry partner.
  • The application process follows the same, simple steps as in an Engage Grant.
  • Decisions will be communicated by NSERC within four to six weeks.
  • An Engage Grant project can only be awarded one Engage Plus Grant.
  • NSERC will accept applications for an Engage Plus Grant that builds on any completed Engage Grant project until February 3, 2014. Afterwards, Engage Plus Grants will only be accepted within the final month of the Engage Grant, or within the six month period following the end of the grant.

For more information, please refer to the Engage Grants description on NSERC’s website or contact your Regional Office (1-877-767-1767).