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NRC-IRAP Launches Concierge Service

Concierge Service is the place where Canadian enterprises can find information and guidance to access government programs and resources in support of business innovation.

Is Concierge the right service to support your SME?
Are you are a Canadian Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) seeking information about programs and other resources to pursue technological innovation, and/or you need help accessing these services – then Concierge Service can help you.

Concierge Service can help Canadian firms from any and all industry sectors

  • Firms undertaking Research and Development
  • Firms in all phases of product and service development
  • Firms seeking productivity gains through the adoption or adaptation of technologies

Why create a Concierge Service?
To a great extent, Canada’s future depends on Canadian SMEs – They are drivers of innovation, productivity, job creation and economic growth.

The Government of Canada’s Concierge Service, delivered by the National Research Council Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program, is a direct response to the 2011 Jenkins expert panel report titled Innovation Canada: A Call to Action that recommended a more focused approach to facilitate SMEs’ access to available programs, services and funding to help them grow and prosper through innovation.

The Concierge Service is part of the Government of Canada’s efforts to help SMEs identify and access the most appropriate business innovation assistance and programs and reflects the Government’s aim of bringing services from various departments and organizations together in a way that collectively responds to SME challenges.