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Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc Is Being Aquired By Croda International

Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc. (Nautilus) was founded in 2007 by Professor Russell Kerr via a spin-out from his research at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Nautilus focuses on using marine microbial biodiversity to discover novel activities and materials. In a press release on January 11, 2018, Corda International announced the acquisition of Nautilus. Through this acquisition and the associated patents, Croda will utilise this innovative science for applications across all its market sectors.

Having worked together for the last six years, Nautilus and Croda have a proven history of successful collaboration, focusing on the development of specific applications for skin, hair and crop care. It is Croda’s intend to establish Nautilus as a Croda Centre of Innovation for Marine Biotechnology at Nautilus’ existing base at UPEI. The location is ideal for biotechnology research and has attracted and facilitated partnerships with many other biotechnology-based companies.

Springboard’s member Synapse was pleased to support the acquisition process by shepherding discussions and helping coordinate the agreements between UPEI and Croda/Nautilus. Synapse, an independently-incorporated company was created to help transfer the expertise and knowledge housed in UPEI into products, processes, services, and insights that can provide practical social and economic benefit beyond the university environment.

We want to add our well-deserved congratulations to the well-wishes from UPEI and Synapse.

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