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MUN: The Business Of Science

The addition of a new graduate degree at the Faculty of Business Administration makes Memorial University the only university in Atlantic Canada to offer a master of science (M.Sc.) in management.

The new degree, approved by the university’s Senate Committee and Board of Regents in March, will provide master’s level-training and education to students looking for a research-focused learning experience that will prepare them for doctoral studies or research careers in the private, public or non-profit sectors.

“Our new master of science in management is intended to develop a pool of talented and trained researchers that is located here in the province,” says Dr. Wilfred Zerbe, dean of Memorial’s business faculty. “We anticipate that many of our M.Sc. students will subsequently pursue doctoral studies in our PhD program but others will choose to bring their research skills to local and national companies. Having this program at Memorial increases the likelihood of our post-secondary students being able to obtain research-focused work in Newfoundland and Labrador following graduation.”

Memorial’s M.Sc. is currently accepting applicants for the fall semester with an application deadline of May 15. The degree is a two-year, thesis-based program that offers concentrations in one of five areas of business: general management, information systems, operations management, human resources management and organizational behaviour.

Nineteen post-secondary institutions in Canada currently offer graduate degrees related to management. Research undertaken while examining the feasibility of the degree at Memorial showed that there is an unsatisfied demand of nearly 2,800 students who wish to pursue graduate studies in management in Canada.

“Establishing a M.Sc. in management at Memorial shows that we are aiming to meet the needs of post-secondary students as there are simply not enough programs in Canada to meet the demand for admissions,” says Dr. Zerbe.

The Faculty of Business Administration offers masters’ degrees in business administration and employment relations as well as a doctoral degree in management. Two-hundred-and-nineteen students are currently enrolled in all three programs.

Dr. Kara Arnold, associate dean of research at the business faculty, says that the new program is the next logical step in the business faculty’s evolution into a research-intensive academic unit, especially relevant given Memorial’s aim to double its research output in the next six years.

“This new degree is part of the business faculty’s mission to build upon our research capabilities as well as to contribute to the university’s mission of dedication to innovation and excellence in research and scholarship.”

More information about the M.Sc. in management is available at www.business.mun.ca/programs/masters/msc.