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Made In Nova Scotia Good News

Cape Breton entrepreneurs have a new hub to turn to. With $1.9 million of combined provincial and federal investment to suport Cape Breton startups, Momentum is offering that space to companies. This high-tech facility offeres shared office space, state of the art computer technology, a mill, welding equipment and other tools for ddriving innovation forward. Momentum will be located at the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation and therefore enabling CBU and NSCC to offer information, learning, research and other services to the companies at Momentum.

Acadia University Laboratory for Agri-food and Beverages (ALAB) celenrated its grand opening on June 24, with a $1 million annpuncement in provincial funding. The investment will support for example the purchase of the lab’s information management software and testing equipment. This lab and its services (beverage testing for ethanol, sugar, total and free sulphuric acid, volatile acid, and sorbic acid, as well as trace analyses can be done) is of special interest to Nova Scotia’s wine industry. Up until now the region’s winemakers had to send samples for analysis out of province to places such as Ontario, B.C. or California. It is anticipated that innovations in the lab and its services will have a positive ripple effect on the provincial economy.

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