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Honey Farm Latest Buzz For StFX Partnership

A visit to a local honey farm has resulted in an interesting Service Learning project for several StFX human nutrition students.

The students, members of Prof. Christine Johnson’s class, will research the difference between organic and non-organic honey following a conversation with the owner of Cornect Family Farm who is finding that customers more and more want information on nutritional and health benefits. Prof. Johnson says they also hope to deepen and expand the Service Learning by building on this term’s projects to one or two nutrition courses in the winter.

The project is one of the latest to result from a unique partnership that began several years ago between StFX’s Service Learning Program and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture to provide experiences for students and services to the agricultural community, says Service Learning program manager Marla Gaudet.

“The more we started to talk, the more we realized the potential for projects.

“It’s a really nice way to support each other,” she says. The students can provide a valuable service to the farm while they learn valuable skills in the process.