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“Exact” Technology Is #Springboarding Forward With Real World Studies

In January 2017 StFX announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with Altus Geomatics (a Canadian Altus Group company) for the exclusive commercialization and usage rights of the technology.

Now combining forces with Altus Gemoatics, faculty and students of Dr. Dave Risk’s Flux Lab, the group is currently field testing the (“ExACT”) gas leak detection technology for commercial use of their vehicle-based Emissions Attribution via Computational Techniques.

Springboard is very pleased that Dr. Risk’s Flux Lab is #springboarding forward with Altus Geomatics and to see that through the support of Springboard’s Innovation Mobilization Fund CleanTech technology is being commercialized. StFX Manager of Industry Liaison Andrew Kendall (StFX is a member of Springboard Atlantic) says that the ability to identify emissions in an efficient and cost-effective manner allows producers to minimize the economic cost of lost commodities and maximize environmental protection. “This is an excellent example of technology transfer,” he says.

To read the full article in StFX News, click here.