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Chelation Partners Inc. Is #Springboarding Forward In Their Fight Against Superbugs

Chelation Partners –  a Halifax company is working on solving the problem of superbugs and one of the major issues we must face in our healthcare system is the antibiotic-resistance that bacteria are developing.

When Bill Cheliak was speaking with Sarah Conrod, the Manager of Industry Partnerships and Research Commercialization at Cape Breton University (CBU), a Springboard Atlantic Member, at the Atlantic Venture Forum 2015 a remarkable research relationship was formed. One of CBU’s key researchers Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel was looking for new partners for his work and Dr. Bierenstiel and Mr. Cheliak began their research partnership with an NSERC Engage grant in 2015 and the collaboration continued from there:

Currently, the company is running clinical trials on dogs to test a new chemical compound that acts like a magnet to break down the defences of antibiotic-resistant superbugs by depriving them of the one thing they all need — iron. The work at CBU has provided hands-on experience for undergraduate and honours students in Bierenstiel’s laboratory, helping develop manufacturing methods and studying how the compound works at the molecular level and currently Bierenstiel’s lab is working on the scale up from the lab manufacturing to commercial manufacturing.

At Dalhousie University, researchers in the faculty of medicine have also been involved with Chelation Partners and CBU, testing how the compound works at the microbiological level in blood. If the clinical trials on dogs are successful, it is hoped that human trials could be underway by the end of next year.

To read the full article in the Chronicle Herald, click here.

At Springboard Atlantic we are excited to see how our members are helping industry to solve their problems and are #springboarding forward.