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CFI Publishes Case Study Of Acadia Universities’ Care Facility

Through the strategic use of combining five environmental research projects at Acadia University through CFI’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund, the institution has created an internationally competitive centre for environmental research. The Acadia Centre for Analytical Research on the Environment (CARE) offers top level expertise that maintains its operations by leveraging opportunities and maximizing available resources through the co-located infrastructure. Together with the recent developments of the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre, it has aided Acadia University in attracting and retaining top researchers, resulting in an outstanding multidisciplinary group of scientists at CARE. This has helped the centre to secure national and international collaborations and to solidify its reputation as a hub of expertise in environmental research and training.

Undergraduate and graduate students benefit from the training and learning opportunities provided by CARE and its researchers and the trainees gain multidiciplinary skills and knowledge needed in their future careers.

Further, the CFIfunds have aided the CARE Centre to attract more than $5.2M is additional funding from multiple resources.

The full CFI report can be found here.