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Carboncure To Work On Californian Rail Project

The Halifax-based startup has partnered with Outback Materials of Fresno, Calif., which will install CarbonCure’s technology at its Fresno plant. The installation of the technology will lead to the consumption of waste during concrete production instead of emitting it. Therefore not only making the high-speed rail project more environmentally friendly but also all other projects that make use of CarbonCure’s Technology.

CarbonCure’s Technology injects carbon into concrete to strengthen it, reduce costs and most importantly it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, where traditional concrete production produces huge amounts of CO2. The company began with a process for concrete blocks and last year launched a process to inject carbon into ready-mix concrete.

“It is truly an honour for CarbonCure to have the opportunity to partner with a great producer like Outback Materials and to partake in an infrastructure project with the magnitude of the California High-Speed Rail,” said CarbonCure CEO Robert Niven. “If CarbonCure’s technology were used to produce the concrete for the rest of the first construction package, spanning from Madera to Fresno, the carbon reductions would be equivalent to the amount of CO2 consumed by 3200 acres of American forest over a year.”

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