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Carboncure Seals New Concrete Deal

Seattle may be nicknamed the Emerald City due to its lush forests, but thanks to Basalite Concrete Products, Seattle is about to get even greener. Basalite announced Friday that it will be expanding its green concrete masonry offerings by installing CarbonCure’s technology in its Dupont, Washington plant.

CarbonCure enables concrete masonry producers to capture carbon dioxide in their concrete products during the manufacturing process. The technology provides a cost-effective solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compromising the quality of the product. The latest partnership means that green concrete products will now be available along the northern Pacific coast; Basalite’s Dupont plant serves both Washington State and Oregon markets. Basalite first adopted the CarbonCure technology at its plant in Dixon, California.

“Sequestering carbon dioxide in concrete has a direct impact on the industry’s carbon emissions, and it is something that we can do today,” said Phil Bonnell, Vice President and General Manager of Basalite Concrete Products. “This is the way forward for our industry, so we’re really excited to bring CarbonCure to the Pacific Northwest.”

In a bold move, Basalite’s Dupont plant will immediately apply the CarbonCure technology across its entire production line, including its structural and architectural concrete masonry products. While many other concrete masonry producers use CarbonCure’s technology to introduce carbon dioxide the product when specified by an architect, Basalite’s decision to apply the CarbonCure technology to all of its concrete products establishes the manufacturer as a clear leader in sustainability.

The demand for greener manufacturing processes stems from architectural firms looking for transparency as they become mindful of environmental impacts associated with materials used in new developments. “As a firm that is committed to integrated sustainable design, we’re excited to be able to specify an innovative option that reduces the carbon footprint of a material we often use,” said Greg Hepp, Principal at Bassetti Architects.

To help quantify both the environmental and health impacts of materials, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) will be issued for Dupont’s products made with CarbonCure. Last month, CarbonCure released a free EPD calculator for its producer partners to allow the creation of self declared EPDs.

The Basalite Dupont plant marks the seventh partnership for the rapidly growing CarbonCure. In addition to Northern California, concrete masonry made with sequestered carbon dioxide is also available in the Midwest, Northeast and Eastern Canada.
About CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

CarbonCure is concrete’s gateway to the green building community. Its technology chemically repurposes waste carbon dioxide during the concrete manufacturing process. The company also provides reporting tools such as Environmental and Health Product Declarations for all products made with CarbonCure. Through collaboration with leading designers, the company and its partners are supplying a scalable solution to address the growing demand for green building materials. CarbonCure concrete is available through North America’s largest concrete manufacturers including Brampton Brick, Permacon, Basalite Concrete Products, Shaw Brick, Northfield Block, and Anchor.

For more information please contact: Jennifer Wagner at 1.902.489.4073 or jwagner@carboncure.com.