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Bluelight Presenting To US Military

Halifax-based BlueLight Analytics, whose technology ensures dentists apply the right amount of energy when curing resin-based fillings, released the following press release on Wednesday:

BlueLight Analytics Inc. recruited to present its technology to leaders in US Military dental practice

San Diego, California: January 15, 2014  – –  Canadian technology company, BlueLight Analytics Inc., will showcase its proprietary products in a continuing medical education (CME) conference with the leaders in US Military dental practice. The invitation to present at the meeting is a further indication of the momentum building in advance of the release of BlueLight Analytics’ chair-side curing light test service for dental practices.

According to Colin Deacon, CEO of BlueLight Analytics, “Our expanding work with the US Military adds to the growing recognition that accurate light curing is a critical determinant of the quality of light-cured resin based composites (RBC) used in dental restorations.” Light-cured RBCs are polymer-based tooth colored materials that are rapidly becoming the replacement to traditional amalgam or silver fillings.

The quality of RBC restorations are greatly influenced by the design and condition of the curing light, the consistency of the curing light operator’s technique and the other decisions made by dentists, like the curing time. Deacon added, “BlueLight Analytics offers leading proprietary technology for verifying the performance of a clinician’s curing lights and ensuring that they are being used effectively in their practice.” In North America it is estimated that there are 123 million RBC dental restorations per year with a practice value of $36 billion dollars.

Deacon will present BlueLight’s MARC® patient simulator at the Naval Medical Center to the global leaders in the US Army, Airforce and Navy dental services. The simulator is the only physiologically accurate light curing simulator that enables operators to perfect curing light techniques based on real-time performance analytics for posterior and anterior restorations. This issue is important to the US Navy because their researchers have identified that new recruits require 30% of their dental restorations to be replaced within the first three years of military service and that the replacement rates for RBC restorations is significantly higher than was experienced with amalgam.

The January edition of The Journal of the American Dental Association reported, “Until recently, dentists could not measure the radiant exposure they were delivering from a curing light, which meant that the problem of inadequate energy delivery to the RBC restoration could not be managed. Simulation technology has been recognized as an important part of health education, and simulators may help identify operators in need of instructional intervention.”

BlueLight Analytics Incorporated is a Canadian-based technology company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The company has developed a suite of precision analytics technologies designed to advance the quality of light-cured resin-based composite restorations for dental practice. The technologies are used to verify light energy delivery of curing lights, to improve curing light operative technique and to measure the light energy delivery through resin-based composites for calibrating the light required with the materials being used.