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Bluelight Partners With 3M Division

BlueLight Analytics has secured another major distribution partner for its main product, which helps dentists ensure they use optimal energy when curing the resin in fillings.

3M ESPE, a Canadian division of the American conglomerate The 3M Co., announced Tuesday it has partnered with BlueLight to distribute the Halifax company’s checkMARC product across Canada.

Developed from an idea generated at Dalhousie University, checkMARC addresses a sizable problem in modern dentistry. Dentists make more than half their income from resin-based fillings, but have never been able to ensure they are using the right amount of energy when curing the resin. CheckMARC lets dentists check their curing lights and make sure the energy levels are optimal.

“With the checkMARC system, 3M ESPE will test and identify the efficacy of a dental office’s curing lights,” said 3M ESPE in a statement.

“Based on the results, 3M ESPE will review the light curing protocols currently in practice, and work together with the dental clinic to identify evidence-based opportunities to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

Last summer, BlueLight announced it had formed a partnership with Henry Schein, the Melville, N.Y.-based medical product distributer whose 2014 sales exceeded US$10 billion. Now it’s formed a second partnership with a 3M ESPE, whose parent company book 2014 revenue of about US$30 billion.

The 3M division said it is now inviting dentists to contact 3M ESPE sales representatives to set up an appointment to have their curing lights tested and light curing protocols reviewed.

What’s important here is that BlueLight is working with titans in its field, who will no doubt help in the difficult task of convincing medical professionals to use new technology. There’s a buzz around BlueLight, but CEO Colin Deacon never reveals revenue figures. The fact that it has secured leading partnerships lends credence to the view the company is doing well.