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BDC Consumer Trends Reports

A Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study that came out in October 2013 should be of interest to anyone working on a retail solution (be it internal analytics or customer facing). Additionally, all retail/service provides with bricks & mortar should pay attention to trends identified by BDC.

The Consumer Trends report shows the redefined shopping trends of Canadian consumers, including the increasing role of the Internet, on-line shopping and smartphones (p. 6-14). In addition, BDC research suggests other large trends that most businesses should be cognizant of, including, increasing comparison shopping/bargain hunting; health & well-being sector opportunities; shop Canadian/local opportunities; and, the interaction/input consumers now expect.

Additionally, this report includes findings from an August 2013 BDC-Ipsos Reid survey about on-line shopping, which interesting for the regional and income variations. August 2013 BDC-Ipsos Survey.

Another publication significant to people working in mobile/wireless (applications or services) from earlier this month is Google’s  www.themobileplaybook.com.

Natalie Gallimore, Business Development Coordinator is pulling together a list of accelerators/incubators down east that can disseminate current reports to. If this information is of interest to you and you’d like to know when it comes out, please contact:

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