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ACADIA UNIVERSITY Receives ACOA Atlantic Innovation Fund For Green Insect Pest Management Solutions

After completing the first successful AIF for green insect pest management solutions last December, Kings Hants MP Scott Brison and Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment announced on Friday, that Acadia University will receive almost $3 million from the ACOA Atlantic Innovation Fund to continue this important work for the forestry and agriculture sectors and the environment overall.

“It is important that we invest in research that’s going to shape the future of our planet, and also the jobs of tomorrow,” Kings Hants MP Scott Brison said at the announcement Friday morning on the university campus.

Lead by Dr. Kirk Hillier, a professor of biology at Acadia, the project partners in this 2nd AIF are Dalhousie University, University of New Brunswick, the Natural Resources Canada’s Atlantic Forestry Centres in Fredericton, NB and Corner Brook, NL, Forest Protection Limited, Sylvar Technologies and Agrifor Biotechnical Services, making it again a Pan-Atlantic project.

“The research being done here at Acadia has the potential to create effective and environmentally-responsible pheromone-based products that will be marketed in Canada and internationally,” said Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment and climate change.

The pest management tools are developed using the insects’ pheromones and other naturally-derived products, which ensures that sustainable solutions for the future of Canada’s agriculture and forest industries are used. The products will be commercialized by Sylvar Technologies, adding to their line of pheromone products for forestry and agriculture.

Springboard Atlantic came behind a number of the technologies developed and commercialized during the first AIF project with Innovation Mobilization Marketing Support funding and is looking forward to helping #springboarding the new technologies developed during this 2nd AIF.

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