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$2.4 Million For Health Research In NB

The provincial government is investing $2.4 million to encourage increased health research in New Brunswick.

Premier David Alward made this announcement during a dialogue session with Canada’s research-based pharmaceutical companies.

“Our government has grown its support for research and innovation to unprecedented levels in the last year,” said Alward. “We have done so because we understand that rebuilding New Brunswick and our future prosperity will be anchored in the growth of our knowledge economy and will be driven by innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship across all sectors of our economy.”

Through the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, the investment will help the province’s bioscience sector leverage and build new partnerships with federal granting councils, health charities and the pharmaceutical sector with a focus on patient-oriented research.

The Department of Economic Development, through its innovation agenda, is contributing $2 million, while the Department of Health is contributing $400,000.

The investment is expected to enable the foundation to partner with other groups and organizations, generating more than $5.5 million in health research this year.

“Our government is committed to doing its part to ensure the growth of the health research sector in our province,” said Alward. “We will continue to build on what many in the industry view as our competitive advantages – our small size combined with the high quality of the research being conducted in our jurisdiction.”

The foundation co-ordinates, supports and promotes excellence in health research and innovation while improving the health of New Brunswickers.

“Investing in research, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship is key for the economic growth of our province, and this investment demonstrates our commitment to this goal,” said Alward.