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Brennan Sisk

University of New Brunswick

Brennan Morrill Sisk is currently a Technology Transfer and Commercialization Officer within the Vice President of Research’s office at the University of New Brunswick. From 2019-2021, Brennan was seconded to a Cannabis Coordinator role to help stakeholders within Industry, Government, and Academia connect with one another as the legalization of Cannabis unfolded. Prior to joining UNB in 2017, Brennan co-founded Mycodev Group in 2013, where he led the company as CEO during the development of the company’s novel Fermentation Process. In 2005, Brennan joined ADI Group in a Business Development Role for their waste to energy solutions (Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas Systems). Before joining ADI, he spent several years in marketing and business development roles for the local Machine Vision company, Lizotte Machine Vision. (Research Partnerships website here)