Making Frozen Lobster Taste Great

A few years back Dr. Shah Razul (StFX, Dept of Chemistry) was cooking frozen lobster for relatives in Singapore and was very disappointed when he took his first bite. The difference in taste from the fresh product was so great that he decided to find a way to break with the age old lobster preserving tradition and to improve the culinary experience of eating frozen lobster. Preserving lobster year-round Fast forward to today and Dr. Razul is now working with a team of students to boil, de-shell and freeze 90 kilograms of lobster as part of a yearlong research project to study his innovation to see whether it’s possible to make lobster taste fresher longer. If proven that it works the goal is to provide a solution to the industry that has great commercial potential worldwide. To ensure that the ultimate judge, the consumer, is satisfied with the end product, StFX has partnered with researchers at Acadia University to conduct sensory testing with the public at six and 12 month time. The sensory testing will take place in Acadia’s Centre for the Sensory Research of Food. The funding for this project comes from Springboard’s Innovation Mobilization Program, Proof of Concept Fund and we are delighted to see our members collaborate on important research that will be #springboarding forward their innovations into the industry. To read the full article on Yahoo News, click here. To read the full article, click here.