Afred Database Is Enabling Regional Collaborations

To businesses relying on scientific discovery, it is important to have the hardware to realize their ideas and innovation. However, the expense of the instrumentation and the technical expertise often far exceeds what companies can afford, especially in the early stages. Thanks to AFRED (Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database), housing this infrastructure within their company is no longer essential. AFRED is an open access, online, searchable database created by Science Atlantic. Launched earlier this year, AFRED now lists close to 500 pieces of equipment available in various colleges, universities, government, medical, and not-for-profit facilities throughout Atlantic Canada. A number of Springboard’s members are part of AFRED, helping companies in the region address their research needs, #springboarding forward. “AFRED has tremendous potential to showcase specialized research infrastructure in Atlantic Canada and provide researchers with opportunities for partnerships with colleagues in academia and industry,” said Dr. Christian Lacroix, Chair-Elect, Science Atlantic and Biology Professor, University of Prince Edward Island. “We regard AFRED as an invaluable tool to link applied research expertise that exists within our region to our industry partners who are seeking assistance in developing critical products and processes within their organizations,” said Mike Long, Vice President of Applied Research and Innovation, College of the North Atlantic, St. John’s, Newfoundland. To read the full article in Atlantic Business, click here.