3 Atlantic Aerospace Startups Are #Springboarding To The Stars

Three startup companies linked to members of the Springboard network have been selected as three of the ten global finalists for the Starburst Accelerator competition. Starburst is the first start-up accelerator dedicated to the Aerospace & Defense industry, and provides support to start-ups seeking to develop their activities in the aeronautics, defense and space markets. The program links start-ups with a wide network of industry players and partner companies around the world to accelerate the development of breakthrough innovations. Atlantic Canadian Companies QRAEnvenio and Agile Sensors were nominated as part of the global search for cutting edge capabilities to solve the technological challenges facing the aerospace industry.  The event is being hosted for 2017 in the global aerospace hub of Montreal. The significance of their selection is evident in the broad span of the technologies and capabilities that the three companies have developed, and the immense amount of interest being shown in their development by some of the biggest names in aerospace, including Lockheed Martin and Bombardier. We are very proud to see these companies #springboarding forward. All three have strong ties to the Springboard network and have been supported by the Atlantic innovation ecosystem as they have grown to where they are now – at the front of an exciting field of aerospace innovators in a highly competitive business sector.