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Success Stories

Safe & Sound: Enhancing Marine Training

After the 1982 sinking of the Ocean Ranger, researchers at MUN knew there was a critical need for enhanced marine safety training. Virtual Marine Technology was born out of a partnership between MUN’s Marine Institute and NRC’s Institute of Ocean Technology. With commercialization expertise from Springboard’s members at the Genesis Group, Virtual Marine is now a successful spinoff company providing leading edge marine training simulation for the oil & gas and national defense industries.

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Atlantic Hydrogen and UNB Partner to Improve Fuel

In a highly successful industry/research collaboration, Atlantic Hydrogen’s CarbonSaver system has been creating greenhouse gas-free, low-cost hydrogen from natural gas for more than 13 years. Crediting Springboard member UNB with being critical to all the company has achieved, Atlantic Hydrogen is set to open a new facility to produce hydrogen-enriched natural gas in partnership with Emera, Inc.

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Second Time Lucky for Gemini Surfactant

Leading research at StFX has generated a technology that reduces the environmental impact of household products. Springboard’s Industry Liaison Office at StFX negotiated a licensing deal with GreenCentre Canada, a national centre for commercializing early-stage green chemistry, making this the first deal of its kind in Canada.

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ABK Biomedical – From Post-it to Prototype

With the support of Springboard Atlantic and Dalhousie University, ABK Biomedical  transformed an idea on a post-it note into a prototype for safer and more effective treatment of uterine fibroids. By facilitating access to medical and corporate expertise as well as significant funding opportunities, Springboard has helped ABK Medical grow into a corporation with an innovative product that’s poised to hit the market in 2014.

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The Rock of the Rock

Dr. Thompson’s research focuses on geochemical techniques used in research for mineral exploration. Dr. Thompson’s more recent research has focused on trace element mineral chemistry and application methods for finding buried uranium deposits and orthomagmatic nickel sulfide deposits.

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Polyculture Development

College of the North Atlantic has partnered with the Town of Lord’s Cove Harbour Authority to develop an integrated tank-based aquaculture system that is environmentally sustainable and economically feasible.

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