Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network


How Springboard Helps Academic Researchers

Springboard’s network members can help you find an industry partner. Working at 18 colleges and universities across Atlantic Canada, Springboard’s network members are well-placed to serve the academic community throughout the region. Whether you are interested in collaborative research or would like to commercialize your ideas, our members have the skills and the contacts to help you.

Our network members can help you:

  • Find a collaborator
  • Build relationships and negotiate a collaborative research project
  • Find sources of funding
  • Assess your discoveries and intellectual property opportunities
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Develop and manage proof of concept projects
  • Market and license technologies to industry and entrepreneurs
  • Support the creation of new companies based on platform technologies

Some benefits for researchers who collaborate with industry on research projects:

  • Access to challenging and interesting industry problems
  • Financial support for your research program - both direct and matching funds
  • Provide valuable applied research opportunities for students
  • Increase employment opportunities for students
  • Access to industry facilities, personnel and data sets

It is important that agreements with industry and other partners be properly signed on your behalf and for your institution. Springboard’s network members can help properly draft and/or review documents and agreements.

Read about real projects undertaken as part of Springboard’s collaborative programs and activities.

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