Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network


How Springboard is helping academic researchers

Whether your goal is collaborative research or commercializing your ideas, our network members are poised to serve the academic community by finding industry partners and establishing connections. Strategically placed within 19 colleges and universities across Atlantic Canada, Springboard members can help you:

  • Find and connect with relevant collaborators
  • Find and leverage sources of funding
  • Assess and protect your discoveries and intellectual property opportunities
  • Develop and manage proof of concept projects
  • Market and license technologies to the industry sectors and entrepreneurs
  • Nurture the creation of new companies based on platform technologies

The benefits of collaborating with industry on research projects are both quantifiable and evident in our success stories. Access to interesting industry problems, financial support for your program (both direct and matching), applied research opportunities, use of facilities and data sets, and employment opportunities for students rank among them.

It’s imperative that agreements between industry entities and partners are properly signed on your behalf and for your institution. Springboard’s network will help you to properly draft and review documents or agreements upon request.