Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network

Examples of IM-Funded Projects

Industry Engagement

UPEI — Maximizing IP Value in your IT Company – Three Oaks Innovations hosted Anthony De Fazekas from Miller Thomson, to deliver a workshop to IT researchers and companies.  $1,750

UPEI — Veterinary Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Business Development & Marketing - A one and a half-day meeting was hosted with key stakeholders/clients to explore how to expand the QAP services available at UPEI.  $5,200

SMU — ILO Partnership Connections & Networking Reception - Hosted the third annual research EXPO with over 300 participants, researchers presented their work at the Speaker’s Corner and over a dozen partnering meetings were held on-site. $2,000

DAL — Oceans Week – Eight Springboard member institutions partnered to host a workshop, gala, public lectures, symposium, school visits and the launch of the Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI). A round table on industry-academic interactions for several regional projects was held. $15,000

DAL/SB — Dragon’s Den with GlaxoSmithKline - Opportunity for researchers and ILI to learn more about GSK $50M Innovation Fund and to pitch opportunities/projects to visiting GSK representatives.  $2,700

CCNB — NB Provincial Composites Capacity Development -Travel supplement for ILO to join trade mission to JEC (European Composites Industry Association) show. $2,000

CNA/MUN — Lunch & Learn—Getting Serious About Serious Gaming - A two-day gaming and simulation workshop was held in St. John’s, NL for researchers, companies and other partners. $8,230

SB Central Office — New Brunswick Innovation Forum Event Support – A premier IT pitching event in Atlantic Canada; Plan to participate and also expand this model to other industry sectors and provinces. $2,000

SB Central Office — New Brunswick Innovation Foundation R3 Gala Event Support – Branding and networking opportunity for Springboard members. $10,000

Acadia — Digital Developers Forum - A list of relevant IT companies and researchers was created; planning broader ICT event for fall 2012. $2,186

Springboard Patent & Legal - Proof of Concept Projects

DAL — Patent & Legal $10,000
Disposable Cartridges for Protein Purification – Dr. Doucette is working to improve the cartridges that are used to filtrate and isolate proteins for accurate separation. These one-time, disposable cartridges are simpler, faster and easier to use.

DAL — Patent & Legal $10,000 and Proof of Concept $20,000
Reducing Radiation Exposure – Dr. Robar is working on a technology to more accurately deliver radiation therapy. His work to create a more accurate, 3-D, high-quality image, allows radiation to be delivered to a precise area, thus sparing the surrounding tissue.

DAL — Patent & Legal $15,000
Using the Measles Virus as a Cancer Vaccine – Dr. Richardson has identified a biomarker found on many tumour cells that can be targeted with the common measles virus. The measles virus could be used to target these cancer cells and infect them, without damaging healthy tissue.

DAL —Patent & Legal $6,500 Proof of Concept $20,000
Manufacturing Hollow Metal Components - Dr. Doman has developed a method to create metal components with confined, hollow cavities. Once heat-treated, these components have superior strength-to-weight properties, compared to solid components.

DAL —Patent & Legal $10,000 Proof of Concept $20,000
Gene Therapy to Treat Inherited Blinding Disorders – Dr. McMaster has identified a gene mutation that causes blindness during childhood. His team is working to determine if an injection of a gene therapy vector has the potential to cure patients of this disorder.

MUN —Patent & Legal $5,000 Proof of Concept $6,500
Double Layer Permanent Magnet Rotor for Generators and Motors – Dr. Saleh has developed a technology to improve the performance of generators and motors that may be of interest to the wind turbine market.

MUN — Patent & Legal $5,000
Scanning a Personal Genome - Dr. Rahman is working to develop a chip where an individual’s genome can be sequenced to identify if they are at risk of genomic disorders such as cancer or learning disabilities in children.

MUN — Patent & Legal $15,000
Improving Energy Conversion - Dr. Saleh is working on a technology which could minimize energy loss and improve the performance of inverters that convert DC energy, from sources such as batteries, to AC power when main power sources are not available.

MUN — Patent & Legal $15,000
Extracting Images from Live Videos – Dr. Gong is working on a technology that allows users to extract an image from a video in real-time, more easily, with minimal user interaction. This work could have practical applications in video surveillance, TV broadcasting and/or video conferencing.

MUN — Patent & Legal $15,000
TranSPAR-Marine Craft to Access and Service Offshore Wind Turbines – Dr. Gifford and his partners have designed a marine craft that can approach and connect turbine foundations safely. They are looking to eventually license or manufacture TranSPAR for the commercial market.

MUN — Patent & Legal $5,000
Gene Mutations and Heart Disease – Dr. Young has identified a new gene mutation that causes a lethal form of disease in the heart muscle. This could lead to diagnostic tests to identify patients who could benefit from an implanted defibrillator to regulate normal heart rhythms.

UNB — Patent & Legal $5,000
Digital Camera Improvements – Dr. Zhang is combining software and sensors to gain a three-fold increase in the sensitivity and resolution of digital colour cameras, including those used in unmanned air vehicles. In addition, the camera system can detect moving objects, as well as measure the 3-D locations of moving objects.

UNB — Patent & Legal $7,800
Method and System for Computer-Aided Analysis – Dr. Gerber has created software to improve the speed of computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis methods. CAE tools are used to analyze the design and performance of components by diverse industries. By modifying the software architecture to efficiently use thousands of parallel processors, calculations can be completed quickly.

UNB —Patent & Legal $8,000 Proof of Concept $19,000
Anti-Static Packaging Paper – Dr. Ni is working to identify an economical and environmentally-friendly replacement for carbon black in anti-static coatings used by the packaging industry.

UPEI — Patent & Legal $6,500
Improving Plastics – Dr. Shaver is working on a technology which could improve how both bio-degradable and non-biodegradable plastics are produced; their properties, the process time and ingredients used, thus reducing production costs.

UPEI — Patent & Legal $10,000
Drug Development for Inflammatory and Metabolic Disorders – Dr. Saleh has created a new, stable molecule that holds promise due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. This compound holds potential for treating patients who have had a stroke.

St.FX-Dal —Proof of Concept $20,000
Glycerol-Based Surfactants – Dr. Marangoni and Dr. Grindley have been working on a glycerol-based chemical surfactant that has “green” potential for several industrial applications including detergents, paints and coatings and cosmetics. Using glycerol as a core for surfactants is more environmentally-friendly and inexpensive, which could lead to lowered costs for industrial chemicals.

Springboard Marketing Support Projects

Acadia — Marketing Support $15,000
Pheromones for the Management of Insect Pests – Hiring of a specialized consultant to do a marketing study for an emerald ash borer pheromone lure. This lure effectively catches invasive insects and poses less risk to human health and the environment.