Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network


Springboard has two primary programs that we administer. See below for a breakdown of those programs.

FTE Contribution Program

Our contribution program helps to support 26 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions at universities and colleges alike, throughout Atlantic Canada. Funding originates with ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund and is matched by contributions from the participating Member institutions. Many Springboard members receive salary and operational funding for Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs), Technology Transfer Officers (TTOs) and IP positions under this program.

Innovation Mobilization Program

The Innovation Mobilization (IM) Program provides service to all Springboard members, supporting industry engagement by advising and advancing knowledge transfer. The goal is to advance as many technologies as possible, mobilizing the knowledge that resides within member institutions into industry. This not only helps industry engage with researchers, it also works to commercialize institutional opportunities. Applications are accepted under four streams to the IM program. See below for an outline of these streams.

Please note: applications for the IM Program must be submitted by a Springboard Atlantic member to qualify for funding. These funds support both technologies developed and activities led by our members. Please contact a Springboard member or our central office staff for more information.

Our Categories of Funding

Industry Engagement: The Industry Engagement category promotes and fosters the development of effective regional partnerships between academic institutions and industry. A maximum project cost of up to $15,000 per project is available in this category. This includes matching funds, and up to $50,000 may be awarded for projects involving the majority of Springboard’s members.

Proof of Concept: The goal of this funding is to provide support for developing early stage potential commercial prototypes, often from a lab bench to a working prototype or equivalent (e.g. software beta). The intent is to support development towards a commercial opportunity that has been identified. A maximum project cost of up to $20,000 per project is available, including matching funds.

Patent and Legal: Early stages of commercial development planning for a new discovery requires an assessment of the IP protection ability and protection IP planning is the best way to understand and create potential commercial value for a prospective industry partner. As such, this funding is useful for assessment of IP protection of some kind (e.g. patents, industry designs, copyright, trademarking etc.). A maximum project cost of up to $15,000 per project is available, including matching funds.

Marketing Support: A significant failure mode to commercial IP transfer is a failure to show the IP potential in a way that is validated to some extent and attractive to a candidate commercial partner or venture funder. Even when an embodiment is not what is pursued by the commercial partner, it acts as a catalyst to their interest in a commercial potential they envision and therefore creates interest in the commercialization of the IP. This fund supports the market assessment and building and/or development of a prototype (beta), or simulates or otherwise packages IP in some way for marketing purposes (purposes which will lead to customer validation, initial sales, licensing, or investment). Supports marketing of a specific technology or knowhow and/or market research, market demonstrations, consulting costs for the same. A maximum project cost of up to $25,000 per project is available, including matching funds.